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Monday, 13 January 2014

How Does Massage Brighton Help Your Body Detox?

Need to Detox? Massage Brighton Can Help

Not feeling your best and not sure why? Might be time to detox.
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Apart from a detox diet or drink special smoothies to detox you can easily start with a massage to kick-start your body’s own natural cleansing processes, which has slowed down potentially for a variety of reasons — lack of exercise, little fluids or fiber in the diet … If you haven’t been taking the best care of yourself, a detoxifying massage can help set things right again.

How will massage assist the body to detox, exactly? 

The pressure and rhythmic strokes applied to muscles, tissues and organs during massage therapy help stimulate the circulatory system. It works sort of like a sponge: When pressure is applied to the tissue and fat, toxins are literally “squeezed” out from in between the muscle fibers and cells. They’re released into the circulatory system for easier elimination.

The key importance of the lymph system

Your lymphatic fluid system works in unison with your cardiovascular circulatory system to fget rid off toxins and carry immune cells throughout the body to help defend against infections. If your lymph fluid circulation gets sluggish, toxins can build up and immune cells may not get carried to the areas of the body where they’re required.

Unfortunately the lymph system doesn’t have a big central pump like the heart to keep things moving, so it has to rely on gravity, exercise, breathing … and massage. So if you haven’t been as good as you should about your exercise, diet and “me time” routine (it happens to the best of us!), that can affect how you feel, causing aches, pains and swelling (lymph edema). It can also cause deterioration in organs and glands like the thymus that are vital players in your immune system.

It’s easy to see why detoxification is so important to avoiding illness and chronic health conditions. So if you’re not feeling your best or haven’t been as good about your diet and exercise routine lately, try a massage to get back on track. Remember to drink a glass or two of pure water after massage to help the body flush out toxins more rapidly.

At Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa, we’ll work with you to create a plan for regular, ongoing massage therapy sessions that can keep you healthy while working with your schedule and lifestyle, your health concerns and your priorities. Call or come in today and let’s talk about how you can get more massage and well-being in your life.

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